1. Best. Workout. Ever.

    15.5 miles




  3. cinziafeliz:

    Helmut Newton

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  4. Freewheeling Summer Solstice 2014

    Thoughts by Jess on the Freewheel:

    "ONE of my favorite moments of our freewheel was slowly waking up from our naps in the sun and breeze in Valentino Park, agreeing we needed to stretch the sleep away, and being led by you in a wonderfully invigorating 25 minute yoga sequence, after which all three of us broke into spontaneous dancing, out of sheer joy. I love that from that dancing we came up with 2 hot ass dance moves, too. 

    SO GOOD”

  5. Back in April, we (the Nosferatune team) found ourselves at Moogfest asking ourselves: “how can festival go-ers not only consume the music around them, but become active producers of the sounds they love?”.

    And shortly after, The Meta Modular Project was born — an audiovisual project that chronicles the potential of collaborative sound spaces, crowdsourced music and the festivals that inspire interactive musical experiences.

    "Inspired by Moogfest’s interactive design, this project recorded sound clips from festival goers experimenting on equipment inside the Modular Marketplace. All audio tracks recorded were then sent to music producers to create an original Moogfest song. The results are true examples of crowdsourcing sounds, music inspired by curiosity and the energy emanating from festivals- proof that we can all contribute to musical creation."

    The audiovisual social experiment recently got some love on Moog’s news page.

    To all you aspiring musicians and artists out there, our message to you is quite clear. Just go for it — or in other lingo, #turndownforwhat?!



  6. Spent the week at Moogfest with Noseferatune, meddling in a giant ‘mystically magical’ swirl of tech, music, and art. We got a taste of the future, and it’s looking pretty epic.

    For more on Thursday and Friday’s best performances, head here » 

    Shigeto and Awesome Tapes from Africa Win Thursday at Moogfest

    Mix Master Mike and The Gaslamp Killer Win Friday at Moogfest 



    Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground :: Monthlong Residency at Rough Trade NYC

    Plus an exclusive interview with Moog mastermind, Emmy Parker (Brand Director, Moog Music & Moogfest)

    The future is here and we’ve got Moog Music to thank for picking Brooklyn as their lucky host. Sure, it’s called a “monthlong synthesizer residency” by media folks and labeled “Moog Room” by way of Rough Trade’s in-house signage– but really, it’s so much more. If you’ve been to the space, close your eyes and think back to your first impression and overall experience. Hard to put in words, right? That’ a good thing, and you’re not alone.

    Walking into the space, many find themselves both dumbfounded with disbelief and giddy with excitement- a natural reaction and one that Moog Music had hoped to achieve. While collaborating with artists is nothing new for Moog Music (think: Moog Sound Lab), this scale of installation featuring equipment from two decades ago is definitely the first of its kind. Fifteen days, $100,000 worth of gear and many hands on deck later, the Moog Ground was born— a playground for those who make tomorrow’s music with today’s analog synth machines.

    Visually arresting in both sound and spectacle, everything at the Moog Ground is free game. There’s nothing you can’t tinker with and no curiosity that can’t be explored, for literally up to twelve hours a day if you choose. A space like this simply can’t get better, and that goes for just about anyone: professional musicians, sound enthusiasts, cross-disciplinary artists, Moog staff and everyone else in between. The very nature of a residency usually brings to mind a handpicked community of artists working to advance their craft in a somewhat structured environment — Red Bull Music Academy comes to mind here. But this Moog Ground has presented a new model for ‘residency,’ democratizing what it means to give everyone access to express and stretch the possibilities of sound. The space is an equalizer, allowing both artists looking to record an album and Moog enthusiasts with a penchant to learn an opportunity to create and collaborate in the same arena.

    So who are these sonic magicians responsible for the space? We sat down with two Moog-ers, Trent and Emmy from the Moog Music office in Asheville, North Carolina to find out. In this week’s issue, we explore the origins of Moog Ground and how it came to be. In our next issue, we’ll take a closer look at the artists that have brought the Moog Ground alive with an exclusive video and interview.

    Head to Nosferatune for the full interview!


  8. Anamanaguchi killed it Friday night at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Where they derive such ferocious energy remains their special sauce secret, but my guess is they’ve got some form of post-SXSW residual hype that needed a proper place for expression. Hence, the madness that ensued.

    Imagine Mario, Wario, Yoshi, Bowser and Pac Man rocking out, battle of the bands style, with an all ages crowd headbanging and throwing the place off kilter. It was like puberty struck for the first time in a crowded space with nowhere to go but on top of those around you.

    Gotta check these guys out once in your life to experience the true art of crowdsurf with an occasional side of mosh.

    Big ups to Alt Citizen for putting on the show — AND big congrats to the launch of their print zine!


  9. There was no shortage of friendly faces and characters at this year’s Armory and Volta shows. 

    For more favorites, head here.


  10. This was my second time photographing The Dolls (at Glasslands).

    They’ve got ridiculous stage energy, not to mention Margot (lead singer and violin maven) is a total badass with strings. She pulls that bow like a ninja and syncs up so tightly with her partner in crime, DJ Mia Moretti. 

    Gotta go check them out!